Pink Christmas decoration with large baubles

large pink Christmas baubles - create an instant Christmas mood
large pink Christmas baubles – create an instant Christmas mood

These large baubles are turning to be a traditional decoration at our home. Year after year they are my favorite decorational element to use for the holiday season.

On this next picture you can spot another of my secrets and how I get into the Christmas mood. Year after year I create blurry images filled with sparkles of light. To me it’s magical, it’s seductively beautiful and it leaves so much room for imagination. The perfect time of the year to sit down and get your dreams going…

Vortage Lametta Christmas decoration
Vortage Lametta Christmas decoration

Also, I love to add these vintage Lametta darlings, a few green twigs and my christmas decoration for the studio is finished.

Vintage Lametta Christmas decoration
Vintage Lametta Christmas decoration

Despite their size, the XXL baubles are not a loud Christmas decoration – they instantly spread an elegant, yet festive atmosphere and I already know, it will be a sad day, when I have to put them away until next year. Help me find an excuse to have them all year round 😉

…wishing you a magical third Advent…




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