Photo workshop by Sabrina Rothe

Photo Workshop by Sabrina Rothe
Photo Workshop by Sabrina Rothe

Last weekend I had the chance to visit the gorgeous home of Sabrina Rothe. Not only does she have the most amazing photo studio in her home, she also has a gorgeous garden, a hidden paradise in the middle of Cologne. I didn’t take too many pictures, as I wanted to respect the privacy of this gorgeous home but then again, I wasn’t there to swoon over her gorgeous home… I was there to learn a few tips & tricks from a real pro. Just look at her portfolio of gardens – do I need to mention that I would LOVE to visit every single one of these gardens?!

Studio Sabrina Rothe
Studio Sabrina Rothe

My heart skipped a beat when I entered her studio: it feels so good to see that I am not the only crazy person collecting pots & vases but also all kinds of planks & boards.
Thanks to 1000gutegruende Sabrina and her amazing team created a wonderful workshop, a day filled with tips and tricks.

Studio Sabrina Rothe
Studio Sabrina Rothe

As a self-taught photographer it was very interesting to learn stuff I only have heard of in theory, like the ‘golden section’. Also, I was able to correct some of the mistakes I have been making in the past, just because I had no-one to show me and because I didn’t know better. Because of her and her dedicated team I already practiced on sharp and bright images and can’t wait to apply all the newly learned knowledge to my future work. So excuse the bad quality of the images above: I snapped them with my phone and didn’t use my big camera, I was just too busy listening and soaking  up all the knowledge and beauty 😉 But so you know, I was very happy today, as I was practicing the things I learned there and hopefully I can show you some crisp and bright images very soon…

This last image is a styling I made in her studio. With her help it turned out to be an image that inspires me to go out in the garden, wanting to get my hands dirty again…

rustic table with antique prints and plants
rustic table with antique prints and plants

I will be closing all these praises with a promise: as soon, as I learn of another workshop by Sabrina, I will let you know and for those of you living in Germany – it sure is a treat to every heart of a photographer.


4 thoughts on “Photo workshop by Sabrina Rothe

  1. Liebe Anastasia,
    du hast den Tag wunderbar eingefangen und beschrieben. Es hat soviel Spaß gemacht und es war schön, dich getroffen zu haben. Ich hoffe wir sehen uns ganz bald wieder.
    Liebe Grüße

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  2. Liebe Anastasia, tolle Bilder auch mit Handy 🙂 Es war wirklich ein grandioser Tag und ich freue mich auf viele weitere tolle Blumenbilder von Dir! Ich hoffe, es gibt ein baldiges Wiedersehen. Blumige Grüße, Sophie

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