my creative journey & on winning an award…


To me there is no easy way to introduce this – so I am going to jump right into it: in the beginning of June I won my THIRD AWARD and I’d love to share my feelings about it. It hasn’t been easy to talk about my achievements but along the way I have learned that I had to believe in myself as an artist, before the world believed in me. Not an easy balancing act because my granny raised a humble girl.

One of the most important tasks as an artist was to learn to create and to publish along the pace of my own heart. Especially at times when I was constantly flooded with spectacular, often overwhelming impressions: up to a point of where my senses got lost in an explosion of plenty. But I never lost sight of what was most important to me: the love for my craft! In order to grow and to challenge myself I knew, I needed to invest every second in this craft! I knew, I needed to dedicate myself to photography! I never bought into this false notion that results would magically appear or success would just happen over night. I worked all my life to be my best self. I still remember those nights, yeeeeears ago, when my friend Mette and I would exchange emails until 4 in the morning to improve our skills (I admire the work ethics of this beautiful lady, but that’s another story…). But still, some days I deliberately held back because things weren’t l finished, I wasn’t ready. These past years, these past months in particular, I learned to appreciate all the little steps and how to keep faith with my dreams and visions. One part of this exercise was allowing myself to be worthy of my dreams, but also concentrating on my craft even more. I created a sacred place – a new studio – and have been practicing daily to improve my skills… One of the most wonderful rewards for the fruits of my work is this award!

In the beginning of June I attended the Garden and Home Blog Award, and I won my 3rd award for ‘Best Photo’! Thank you so very very much to Holly of decor8 and Niki of Anthropologie for presenting this award to me! I still need to stretch that muscle that makes me talk comfortably about my achievements, yet I am deeply humbled and thankful to have won this award! Gifts are nothing without endurability, persistence and hard work. My truth is that there have never been short cuts to achieve goals. This award has shown that hard work, the urgency to create, patience, a humble approach and also being quiet and slow (again, the pace of my own heart) can lead ways I have never dreamt of!

moody dahlia arrangement with white roses
moody dahlia arrangement with white roses

So this is my award-winning photo and at the ceremony I got asked how long it took me to create this. My answer was: ‚Twenty minutes.‘ But the real answer is: ‚It took a lifetime.‘

Social media has trained us to value and measure success by extrinsic validation of strangers or even worse: likes generated by some random algorithm. Work for yourself and you will never be dependent on any form of exterior praise. I am beyond humbled having reached this amazing goal but what is even more beautiful is the conditions it creates to realize how far I have yet to go! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to everyone involved! ❤

I am deeply, deeply thankful, A. XO


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