pale chalky blush wall

I have a studio that I painted white when we moved into the apartment where we live in now. It used to be my little white cube and I used to work in this studio for the past few years. But: north facing rooms can be very challenging for photography- especially during those winter months, when there is little to no light.  Over the past years I found new ways & places to work on my photography and realized, that this room was really wasted as a store room instead of being a real photo studio. I am very lucky to have this hideaway but I no longer wanted to use it as my storeroom, because working from a storage is never fun.

dried hydrangea on antique linen cloth
dried hydrangea on antique linen cloth

I love colors that have a dusty & chalky appearance. It immediately creates a relaxed and cozy atmosphere – this is what I wanted for my new home office. I wanted a peaceful shelter from where I can work for days & days, without getting distracted. This is why I decided to paint my walls first. Northern light tends to be bring out the cooler tones, I created a pale chalky blush with the smallest addition of yellow and a slight hint of black. This way the color of the walls will help the natural light to bounce back. What I have learned over the past years is, that it is best not to fight the nature, but to let the cool & dark light into the northern rooms and embrace it by painting the walls in a darker tone. I am not finished with this room yet but can show you a first impression. I could look at this wall color all day – and it truly is a pleasure to work in my new painted home office now.

pale blush interiors with an antique amphorae and dried hydrangea
pale blush interiors with an antique amphorae and dried hydrangea


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