The Instagram challenge #itsamoodywednesday is back

Dear friends of moody photography,

I am so happy to announce that the weekly Instagram challenge called #itsamoodywednesday is back! It’s back – after a long summer break and with a few BIG changes I am returning to the world of moody photography. This challenge has a long history so allow me to start from the very beginning, especially for those new to this blog or the ones new to my Instagram account.

#itsamoodywednesday grid October 2016
#itsamoodywednesday grid October 2016

//Firenzaflowers // Catherine_Frawley // li.sense.a // geainfrance //

My dear friend Gudy from Eclectic Trends started this challenge a while ago and it instantly became a success! Due to Gudy’s intense travel schedule she couldn’t keep up the weekly challenge and asked me if I wanted to host it. Of course I wanted to host #itsamoodywednesday! Then again, I knew that it was going to be challenging – literally – to host a weekly challenge can be complicated at times. But I didn’t want to travel this road on my own, so I decided to ask my friend Jocelyn to be part of #itsamoodywednesday. I really loved her images and I knew it would be wonderful to share this special experience with her. For months and months we traveled this path together and the beautiful community of #itsamoodywednesday grew and we discovered new amazing artists every new week !

#itsamoodywednesday grid October 2016
#itsamoodywednesday grid October 2016

// scrapval // lilaccoast // passion_shake // helaine_39 //

Jocelyn decided to quit social media after this summer break but I still would love to continue with this beautiful challenge on my own… #itsamoodywednesday has become such a beautiful part of my Instagram that I don’t want to miss it anymore!

….But, the challenges of a weekly Instagram challenge are still there… These are some of the expectations I had towards #itsamoodywednesday

  • There is the expectation of constant content {I might not be able to fulfill this expectation and it’s OK}
  • There is the expectation of constant high quality content because I don’t want some weeks to feel ordinary {I might not be able to fulfill this expectation and it’s OK}
  • There is my big wish to be able to answer to ALL of the entries {I might not be able to fulfill this expectation and it’s OK}
  • There will be weeks when I will be traveling or even weeks where I won’t have access to good internet {I might not be able to post certain images just in time and it’s OK}

I’ve had these expectations and I realized that I can’t always fulfill them. At times it can even be a limitation to creativity! It is a limitation to spontaneous photography. These expectations created borders for me – I started thinking and feeling in dark colors when I created my photos, instead of being led by the motif or the photographic experience. Moody photography is not about dark images – it is about atmospheric, ethereal images that transport a moody feeling. #itsamoodywednesday has grown into a beautiful community where we all shall feel encouraged to post our version of moody! Moody photography can mean so many different things, so please feel free to post your version of moody on Wednesdays…

#itsamoodywednesday grid October 2016
#itsamoodywednesday grid October 2016

// reflectandrepeat // lovemylittlehouse // nininotschka // patriciahaasberlin //

Taking part in a challenge should not feel like a limitation and if you would love to join this gorgeous community, please feel free to follow these guidelines:

  • post a moody image of your choice
  • post on a Wednesday until midnight your time
  • post an image using #itsamoodywednesday
  • post an image tagging @stilzitat 
  • In the beginning of every month I will show a BIG summary of my favorite entries {on my IG and on the blog} and there will be probably more than 4 each time – as there are so many outstanding entries every month!

This is my first big round up after the big summer break and I hope that you love all of the images just as much as I do ❤

#itsamoodywednesday grid October 2016
#itsamoodywednesday grid October 2016

// lookpimpyouroom // the_warehouse_at_woodside // diana_lovring // pfeffergruen //

I am looking forward to many #itsamoodywednesday moments ❤ See you soon in Instagram,

Anastasia XO

Falls ihr hier neu seid und #itsamoodywednesday noch nicht kennt… Es ist eine Mitmach-challenge bei Instagram, die sich zu einer wundervollen Gemeinschaft entwickelt hat, wo die Teilnehmer sagenhaft schöne moody Fotos hochladen. Das wirklich Schöne an der challenge ist, dass jeder ein Foto hochladen kann, dass seinen Vorstellungen von atmosphärischer & stimmungsvoll dunkler Fotografie entspricht. Falls ihr auch am #itsamoodywednesday teilnehmen möchtet, könnt ihr jeden Mittwoch, bis Mitternacht ein stimmungsvolles {moody} Foto Eurer Wahl bei Instagram hochladen und dabei meinen Instagram Kanal Stilzitat verlinken und unbedingt den Hashtag #itsamoodywednesday benutzen, damit ich Euer Foto besser finden kann. Auf diesem Wege ist bereits eine riesige Gemeinschaft entstanden, die sich jeden Mittwoch gegenseitig inspiriert neue fotografische Meisterwerke zu kreieren.
Am Ende eines jeden Monats werde ich sowohl auf Instagram, als auch hier auf dem Blog eine Auswahl der schönsten Bilder präsentieren ❤ Viel Freude beim Mitmachen… A. XO

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