Souvenirs from our countryside getaway – my first video upload ;-)

I just returned back from Denmark not too long ago. It was the most wonderful countryside getaway. I was so overwhelmed with the variety of wild flowers there! We went by car so luckily I had the chance to stop along the way and pick all the wild flowers I wanted. Once we arrived at home I placed my foraged flowers on the balcony, because it was a lot cooler there as I wanted those gorgeous flowers to last a little longer. The next morning, I was following my morning ritual: I opened all of the windows and the balcony door. I was surprised by the sudden beauty that was waiting for me on the balcony. This is the first time I wanted to capture the moment on video, because here I knew that words, nor pictures could ever live up to that magical moment. But see for yourself, this is the ethereal moment I was talking about:

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For more images of fresh foraged flowers in Denmark, feel free to visit my Instagram feed, I’ve just went overboard collecting wild flowers there!
Of course I made some images with my camera, after I made this little video…Isn’t it a gorgeous effect the white curtain creates? I don’t know if it was still the holiday feeling or if it was my favorite cornflowers, but I fell in love with these magical airy images.

soft airy flower photography
soft airy flower photography
soft airy floral photography
soft airy floral photography
Soft airy flower photography
Soft airy flower photography

Of course I hope that you like my accidentally made ‘white-curtain-filter’ but I don’t want to hold back the real wild flowers that were hiding behind the curtain, so here they are:

wild cornflowers and scabiosa
wild cornflowers and scabiosa

Enjoy your summer,

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