An unexpected tool to make my gardening a lot more fun!

This year I finally decided to go all the way and redesign our garden! In fact, most of the flower beds were a new creation, as the sunny part of the garden had only one small flower bed. Over the past years I was piling the plants on top of each other until the point where my darling roses started to die. It was simple too crowded in my old, small flowerbed. I took this as a sign and in late February I started the planning of the new garden.

I sorted out three main reasons why I neglected the garden in the past years:

1: We already had a small flower bed and I thought this would do for my plants.

2: We simply had too little man power in our household or too little time.

3: Our tools for the garden were either too old or broken so it was no fun to work with them.

Little by little all the points became invalid:

1: The existing flower bed got too small and I couldn’t watch it anymore.

2: My man found the time to finally help me and let me tell you: he can move mountains 😉

3: I got all the necessary tools and all of a sudden garden work was fun and easy again!

I would love to show you a few results of the new created flower beds, but I need to wait with these images for a few weeks because it’s not fun to look at bare soil with a few green fringes. So with this said, you will have to wait with the pictures of the newly created flower bed, but in the meantime I can show you some of the tools that made my gardening experience FUN!

Libratone speaker in the garden via
Libratone speaker in the garden via

Here you would expect a dirty shovel {well, this was the case too} but I will show you one unexpected tool that made my gardening so much fun and now I don’t want to miss it!

If you are a little like me, you like to listen to music and audiobooks everywhere you go. Usually I use earphones if I leave my apartment. Now, with the new Libratone speakers, I can listen to my playlists when I am in the garden! How fun is that? I know, this little fella doesn’t look like the biggest music box, but I has an amazing sound system and because of it’s round design it delivers a unique acoustic technology that sends sound waves in every direction. How amazing is that? It is portable and the battery last long, real loooong! So you could even take it out to a picnic in the parc to to a friend’s bbq party!

So this is exactly what I did! I took it outside and played my audiobooks while I was planting new plants… It connects with my smartphone and I could listen to all of my playlists! With these images I am taking you on a little trip: the most beautiful part of garden work is foraging! So after I have worked in the garden for hours, I always collect some of the flowers to take home with me. This is exactly what I did here, I collected some wild chervil and brought it home. There was no need to interrupt my audio play, as I could listen to it while I was styling the flowers and even later on, when I was in the kitchen cooking…

Libratone speaker in the garden via
Libratone speaker in the garden via
Libratone speaker in the kitchen via
Libratone speaker in the kitchen via

And last but not least, the little speaker can be hung everywhere and after I was done with all the gadenwork, I could enjoy listening to my audiobooks inside. All of my friends know how much I love to listen to music or audiobooks when I am working – so this little fella makes my playlists so much more fun!

Libratone speaker via
Libratone speaker via

This post was brought to you in a cooperation with Roombeez and Libratone. ❤ All opinions are my own and authentic❤ Especially, as I adore listening to my music and audiobooks without interruption 😉

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