It was late Friday night here when I received the most amazing email! I had to read it twice before realizing, that these were the news, I have been dreaming of for ages!

INSTAGRAM wrote that they have put me on their list of SUGGESTED USERS!

I know these things happen … but I never thought that this would happen to me! Just imagine the millions and millions of users Instagram has! And the millions and millions of beautiful photos that are uploaded every day! I am so honored and grateful and would love to share this special moment with all of you!

I started my account years ago, named it after my german vintage shop ‘Stilzitat’ and that was it…. Back then I didn’t know what a gorgeous platform Instagram was! I was in for the filters.

Three, or so, years ago I started using Instagram on a regular basis: it was daily that I discovered amazing photographers, made wonderful friends and started sharing my photos I took on my travels, my interiors and tons and tons, and did I mention, TONS of flowers ❤

Anastasia Benko @stilzitat Instagram account
Anastasia Benko @stilzitat Instagram account

I developed a certain look along the way with my interiors & flowers {I even won an award for my individual style}. I learned not to use too many unnatural filters for my product photography and for clients. But at some point I started missing using those vintage filters, that I used in the beginning. Especially the bright, blush and pink colored ones. It felt natural to start a second account to spoil myself and all the fans of blush tones! A few months ago my new account @crushonthecolorblush was born. Let me tell you, it’s a celebration to the eye!

Anastasia Benko @crushonthecolorblush Instagram account
Anastasia Benko @crushonthecolorblush Instagram account

So what do you think?

Talking about celebrations, I have another gorgeous challenge to share with you, once we are here talking Instagram!

It’s a challenge that is very dear to me as it spoils me, every time I go to look at it!

#itsamoodywednesday was a challenge originally started by my dear friend Gudy from Eclectic Trends. Due to her packed working schedule she offered me to take over and host this challenge. I knew I needed help with this weekly challenge and asked my friend Jocelyn of The Inner Interior to host it with me. Now we have been doing this for quite a while and we couldn’t be happier with the community we’ve built and with the amazingly beautiful pieces of art that are contributed every single week to this gorgeous #itsamoodywednesday! This is a small outtake of last week’s moody Wednesday:

#itsamoodywednesday via
#itsamoodywednesday via

Still ecstatic with the amazing news from Instagram, I will leave you here, hopefully inspired to do the same! Inspire and get inspired – it’s an opportunity we photographers and artists should cherish to the fullest… Spread the love and you will get it back! ❤






  1. I’m so happy for you ! Congratulations!
    Thanks for including my image in your crushonthecolorbrush tag too.
    It’s such a beautiful idea 🙂

    Keep up the great work
    Georgie x

    Liked by 1 person

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