You may have noticed, things have been different around here lately & it’s for a good reason: is finally live!

In 2011 I started an online shop called ‘Stilzitat’ – it sells vintage goodies and can be translated to ‘a quote of style’. Also, I started a blog called ‘Stilzitat’ but after a while this name didn’t seem right anymore, at least not for the blog and all the other projects I have been working on. The old name still fits the vintage store – but it didn’t represent the wide range of categories I have been covering with my photography- & art work. I decided to go for a rebranding and a more fitting name for my haven of creativity: Anastasia Benko.

This site is now focused on my portfolio, which will be filled with more and more work in the future. I still am working on filling the spots with the old images and let me tell you, it is so much fun to go through old pictures.The blog is more focused on botanicals, vintage, DIYs, photography and art.

I have been working on this soft launch for months now and can proudly present my new webpage. I am very happy today to share it with you and even my mom says, the portfolio is easy to navigate- well, with this said, I am ready to spread the word.

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