If you follow me on Instagram, you might have read that I have been working on my very first book contribution over the past few months. It all started in spring, when I received an email from my publishing house Callwey. I was chosen to be part of the new interior book called ‘WOHNIDEEN AUS DEM WAHREN LEBEN – BEST OF INTERIOR BLOGS’. This book is the second part of ‘WOHNIDEEN AUS DEM WAHREN LEBEN’ that was published 2 years ago. Callwey decided to make a second part because the first book was so successful. Next to 14 other amazingly talented bloggers from all over Europe they asked me to contribute images of my apartment. So before I can give you an exclusive insight into the new book, I thought you might like to know about all the juicy details and all the things I had to go through for the book production. You do, don’t you?


Well, let me start at the very beginning. We had a few weeks to produce the images. At first I thought: Yay, that is eeeeasy! We just moved into our freshly renovated apartment, I did have tons of images I wanted to share with the publishing house. So I started collecting images I had already made of our apartment… Also, I didn’t know who the other 14 bloggers were, of course I was curious, but I didn’t really worry about that, as I have been working for myself a lot over the past few years. Here I have to add that I have been friends with Mette of monsterscircus for years now and this is what happens, when you are close to another blogger: you exchange exciting news in a blink of an eye! Mette and I realized pretty fast that we have been working on the same project and it was her who really opened my eyes: we needed to produce NEW images instead of turning in OLD ones. Ha! I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of this myself! This was the time when it hit me: How in the world am I going to be able to produce so many images and still be able to deliver quality? All of a sudden nothing was good enough: the flowers displayed on the dining room table didn’t seem to be pretty enough, the pillows on the couch were boring, the kitchen was too messy… But I haven’t mentioned the worst part yet: it rained heavily every single day I had to shoot my apartment – so there was no proper light! The storm season seemed to have no respect for our new book! I already have the best lens for my camera, but nothing seemed to be good enough. I was in big trouble, I thought!

details of photoshoots for 'WOHNIDEEN AUS DEM WAHREN LEBEN'
details of photoshoots for ‘WOHNIDEEN AUS DEM WAHREN LEBEN’

After I learned that I had to produce new images, I had a lot of thinking to do: after I had written down my ideas, I put those papers on my door to visualize my activities. I started to shoot the first still-lives, I realized real fast that they were too dark. I started renting flashes and lights to bring in some light into the apartment. This was even worse! I haven’t worked with artificial lights in a long time –  and here I was again, reminded why I haven’t: it DID look too artificial! I had to relax! I had to learn to go with the light, as there was nothing I could do to influence the weather, I just had to wait for a few rays of light and quickly shoot when they appeared in our window. Needless to say it took a large amount of time to wait for the sun to shine during storm season!
Often, Mette and I exchanged our experiences long after midnight. I remember falling asleep editing images at one in the morning, just to wake up to Mette’s email she had send out around 4 in the morning… It was a lot of long hours but now with the book in my hands I couldn’t be more proud of the work we have accomplished! It is priceless to have found a friend, who shares your dreams and who supports you with all her heart!
Before I share another exclusive insights of the book, I would love to share some images I made for the book, that weren’t published…

White bedroom, green vintage bottles & wreaths
White bedroom, green vintage bottles & wreaths
antique mirror and an antique template with my initials 'AB'
antique mirror and an antique template with my initials ‘AB’
antique table with my art prints
antique table with my art prints
antique linen table cloth with a rustic wreath
antique linen table cloth with a rustic wreath
black table tutu DIY with white cherry blossoms
black table tutu DIY with white cherry blossoms

This last image, the one with the black table tutu, is still one of my favorites – I am so very happy that I can finally show you my photos…

The book is out now, and I am so very much excited to see my work printed, next to so many talented bloggers! Soon I will be sharing more about the amazing event we spent with Callwey for the book launch and there will be a GIVEAWAY too! So stay tuned and if you can’t wait for the Giveaway, go and get a copy of the book, I promise, it’s worth it!


    • Und ob es DER HAMMER war! Und ein gewichtiger dazu, wenn man wirklich schöne Sachen abliefern wollte… Aber, uff, geschafft, auch bei viel Regen und wenig Licht 😉 Herzlichen Dank für Deine Wünsche, A. XO

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  1. Oh WAUW Anastasia! I’m so moved by your words and your amazing photos! I could never have asked for anything more fun & mindblowing than to share this adventure for life with you❤️ so extremely honoured and proud to be next to you. I couldn’t have done it without you and a BIG YAY for the most wonderful Birthsday Party I’ve ever been to😘❤️❤️
    Biggest hug,

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  2. Was für eine Chance! Du hast sie ergriffen….und Bähm, Du hast DAS BESTE daraus gemacht!
    Wie schön man doch mit Worten spielen kann, um jemandem zu sagen, dass er die beste Arbeit ever abgeliefert hat !♥
    Die kleinen Lampenschirmchen auf dem vorletzten Bild hätten meine Eltern übrigens auch noch (wegen des Rembrandt-Bildes muss ich noch nachfragen!) 😉

    Liebe Grüße,

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    • Herzlichen Dank für die lieben Worte, Moni! Man geht durch so viele Zweifel in der Schaffensphase, umso schöner ist es dann jemanden an seiner Seite zu haben, der das auch kennt… Ich wette, du wirst noch öfter an den Haushalt Deiner Eltern denken, ich mache viiiiel mit Vintage 😉
      A. XO


  3. I wish there were more professional photographers and artists that were as open and humble as you! I love your phrase, “go with the light” of course I live in a life of metaphors so this inspires me. I have never met Mette before but I get the sense she is as genuine as can be and one day hopefully we can all have a coffee together!

    Thank you again for sharing your lessons and behind the scenes action. Cannot wait to read the book!

    With love,

    Jocelyn xx

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    • Oh, darling! What a big, big compliment, THANK YOU! You know I am not a big writer and I simply try to make myself understood. So with this in mind, its even better that you like my metaphors, sweets… I try 😉 And about Mette, I know for sure that you would loooove her – she is a beautiful woman, insight and out!
      Have an amazing weekend,
      Love, A. XO



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