this is the second summary of our monthly Instagram challenge #wreathofthemonth.
Without having told a lot of people about our new adventure Berit & I started this challenge because we are very passionate about wreaths. You guys make this challenge so beautiful – I wish I could post more of those wreaths { today I am actually cheating – as you will see by the end of this post – because I chose more than the actual winner and the 4 favorites } Thank you so much for participating!

Winning image wreath of the month via Anastasia Benko
This breathtaking wreath had to be my winner! How many of you though that baby’s breath is a filling flower? I did! But these gorgeous flowers have become the superstars of floral arrangements in the past and they also make quite a statement on their own! Don’t you think? Hop on over to Wenche for the full beauty!

selection wreath of the month via Anastasia Benko blog
This time I was drawn to all those casually made wreaths, those gorgeous pieces of wreath art were made by MartaJessMadeline and Emma.
You can’t get enough? Then you are a little something like me! I get a lot of messages from people asking how to make a wreath. Even though I have made a few tutorials, I would love to encourage you to start step by step. Like these two fab ladies did:

selection wreath of the month via Anastasia Benko blog
You can create a stunning image just by placing the flowers next to each other, just like Anja and Gudy did…
Writing this post a few new wreaths were turned in to participate in this challenge and I love looking at them. I hope you feel the same and will continue to wreath yourself away…
Hve a brilliant week,

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